11. January 2023 MBA

Natural Searchers for Jira

Finally, you’ve found a search engine that allows you to view text fields in Jira statistics. View your text field statistics directly on the dashboard! Make use of natural ordering.

Natural Searchers for Jira brings natural order and statistical values for text fields to your Jira instance. Our app provides you with two additional searchers. Since the use of the searchers is “hidden” in the configuration of the field, the app provides an overview screen for quick access to the correct configuration screens. And most importantly, the exact viewfinder makes text fields usable in gadgets.

Try our App

Try our App

Yes we do! We can show you a demo on a video call. We will also assist your admin during the configuration. And if you bump into any issues, you can submit your ticket through our service desk.

Your Jira will be enriched with amazing functionality by providing natural ordering and statistical values for text fields.

  • Sort searchers using natural ordering
  • You can see usage of searchers on dedicated screen
  • The configuration is rather rudimentary

You can find out more in the documentation.

There are many cases where Natural Searchers for Jira can be used. To give you two examples:

  • A text field that contains text values needs to be managed numerically.
  • A subset of values that you need to have searched and sorted naturally.

Do you have a question? Visit the support portal.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to book an appointment for a short consultation.

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