18. July 2021 Peter Borhy

Search fields gadget

Searching in Jira has never been easier. Refine your searches from the dashboard.

Are your Jira users searching for a specific set of issues? Are they looking only for bugs in a certain state, assets in inventory, invoices?

Provide them with the simple gadget on a shared dashboard with up to three fields.

Conditions entered into fields will be combined with predefined Jira filters, in this form: FilterJQL AND (A or B or C). The user will be redirected to the single issue or the issue navigator.

Try our App

Try our App

Yes we do! We can show you a demo on a video call. We will also assist your admin during the configuration. And if you bump into any issues, you can submit your ticket through our service desk.

Your Jira will be enriched with amazing functionality by custom search fields and presenting the issues on the dashboard.

  • You can make precise searches from a shared dashboard
  • Search Fields Gadget application brings you several features that may help you do more quicker
  • The configuration is rather rudimentary

You can find out more in the documentation.

There are many cases where Search Fields Gadget can be used. To give you three examples:

  • A finance department locates and investigates a group of unpaid invoices that must be settled by the current date.
  • An IT department uses our app to quickly display hardware assets assigned to a particular user.
  • A developer searches for critical bugs assigned to him that have not yet been solved.

Do you have a question? Visit the support portal.

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