16. March 2020 EEA s.r.o.

Process modeling in Confluence for everyone

Do your people have knowledge in the area of process modeling tools and techniques (UML, BPMN …)? Cool :-).

However, it is still not a guarantee that all involved people (business people, analysts, designers, developers, testers …) will understand modeled processes (in the same way).


To help you with processes understanding we introduce Use Case Dog – Confluence app with 3 basic pillars:

  • simple process modeling
  • unique page numbering
  • easy documentation maintenance

Model your processes with simple text

Use Case Dog app (based on textual use cases technique) uses simple text to model a process.

Modeling is based on the few intuitive rules:

  • each numbered line of text represents one step of the process
  • wording of each line should be standardized = <who> does <what>
    • Kettle boils a water
    • Person pours water into cup
  • alternative scenarios are listed after main scenario
  • alternative scenarios start from specific step of main flow and may return to another specific step

Such simple modeling brings the following benefits:

  • no special skills needed to model a process or to understand it
  • increased mutual understanding among readers
    • everyone who can read will understand your intentions
  • quick roll out of such process modeling as no training is required
  • scalability
    • model simple standalone process or build complex and compact documentation
  • easy drill down to more detailed information
    • add references (links) to requirements, sub-processes is particularly simple in Confluence

Faster and exact communication thanks to unique page prefixes

Use Case Dog app also introduces numbering of Confluence pages. You can create a page with your custom prefix, or add unique prefix to any existing page.

There are few good reasons why to add prefixes to your Confluence pages:

  • communicate faster – just say/write prefix without long(er) page title
  • be exact – we often have pages with similar titles that may confuse us, but unique page prefixes help us to be clear
  • simple and fast linking (referencing) of prefixed pages – just type few letters into native “Insert link” macro and your page will be referenced

Up to date documentation – is it possible?

Every project invests lots of time to deliver solid documentation. However, after few months it becomes outdated and obsolete.

Use Case Dog app helps you to keep your central documentation up to date with a few clicks.

How it works?

  1. load content of any Confluence page into your working (incremental) document
  2. update content in the working document
  3. publish changes to your central documentation with a single click

At the end of the day – changes are recorded in you working document (analysis, design) and also in the central documentation.

Try Use Case Dog app for free at Atlassian marketplace.

Michal Harhaj – Business analyst

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